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Cerveses Ausesken was born from the enthusiasm and personal experience about beer, more specifically tercio-de-cerveza-auseskencraft and quality beer. Three fundamental pillars characterize the firm and define its product: proximity, sustainability and quality.

Our image as well as the logo, originates from the concept of the Osona area roots, going back to over 2,000 years ago. The company name comes  from a coin discovered in the Iberian site of Grieta (Roda de Ter), which bore the inscription “AUSESKEN” in the Iberian alphabet. The word can be translated as “AUSETANS”, the Iberian tribe occupying Osona and part of central Catalonia at those times. On the other side of the coin, appears a rider on horseback holding an olive branch, that we replaced with an ear of cereal in our logo.

Cerveses Ausesken is sensitive to the environment and focused on immediate sorroundings resources and peculiarity. The fuel used in our manufacturing process is biomass, clean energy obtained by cleaning and forest regeneration. Conscious of the importance of reusing the activity waste, we provide chaff as cows fodder to a nearby livestock and dispense the ashes of biomass and spent hops as natural fertilizer and compost the fields.

Our beers are Ale variety, meaning realized by top-fermenting yeast, produced using only natural and quality ingredients without extracts or additives. The raw materials are carefully selected within the European market, privilieging the ones produced in Catalonia and the Iberian Peninsula.

This is one of the fundamental aspects that led us to develop a beer as Ausesken Blanca, which integrates a portion of raw wheat we buy from locals producers, in order to offer our customers a reliable authentic product.


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